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Master Mind- the revolutionary gaming application that allows users to play their favorite PC games with the power of their mind. Existing PC games such as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty can now be played with the power of your mind, rather than using the traditional computer keyboard and mouse. "Master Mind" allows the user to control the characters in these games to move forward, back, punch, kick, shoot and any other movement available in the game, simply by thinking the command associated with the desired action.

Developed by Mind Technologies Inc.

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gmac, 04/21/2013 21:58:27
Delete, Backspace, Insert, Escape, Return, End, Home, Pg Up, Pg Dn, Arrow keys, Function Keys are all accessible directly from EmoKey in the same way - use the "Send Hotkeys checkbox, select the text box and then type whatever screen shortcut key you desire (even some of the custom buttons like media controls seem to work).
Note this was tested using the most recent Emotiv EPOC Control Panel. You can even trigger sound files using EmoKey in the most recent version...
Lindar Greenwood, 04/20/2013 19:24:24
What about "backspace" or "enter" or "return" or "end" or "pg dn" or "F1" or "delete"?
gmac, 04/20/2013 18:04:52
Yes, TAB works for sure, I use it to demo EmoKey sometimes (ALT-TAB between windows)

Select "Send hot keys", pick any or none of CTL, ALT, Shift, Win and then select the text box, hit the TAB button and there you are tabbing smile:)
Lindar Greenwood, 04/20/2013 14:38:42
AFAIK you can't bind the TAB key to a suite input.
gmac, 04/19/2013 18:30:25
EmoKey supports Control character combinations.

No comment about why you might consider paying $99 for Master Mind smile8)
Reviews 1 - 5 of 14
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